I should have known that this computer stuff was going
too smoothly for me. I need my computer guru to come
back from eating rice-a-roni in San Francisco!

I tried to post the preview of my session from tonight
and the picure quality was suspect (very grainy).

(Ironically, it is Simon, my computer guru’s brother, Magnus’s
session that I am having trouble posting here)

I fought for it for awhile but decided to call it a night
and have posted the session on www.deeannchibry.com

click here to go to see the pictures.


but you can call him Charlie for short
(or Chuck Norris if you are Shelby or Charlie Brown if you are Kaeden)…


~ this picture is from 2009 and one of my all time favorites. I think that is not only because it is a fresh and fun but also due to the fact I spent hours at the kitchen sink working on this shot. As I have mentioned before I am not (and most likely will never be) a technical photographer so getting the image as it I had it in my head took some trial and error but I remember having a great time trying to solve the mystery of how to get it just right!


but I am back with a quick photoshoot of my Baynes Lake family. My sister/brother in-law Nicole and Pete, my nephew Joel and Pete’s brother Tom, his wife Ceile and their children Hayley and Simon. They needed pictures for a family project and the last time was when I was a newbie photographer and boy,let me tell you I sure hope I have improved since then! A few of these are a bit “posier/old school studio” than my usual style but we were restricted by a freak Calgary snow storm, a short window of oppurtunity and the project did call for a bit of formality.

Every once in awhile there are photos that will take your breath away. You may not know why and you may be on your own in your opinion but for whatever reason you instantly fall in love with it. This next photo did that for me…